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(1)         The diffusion of knowledge concerning moral and social problems considered from the Humanist viewpoint, as outlined below:- (a) Humanism stands for two basic values: first and foremost, love of fellow-beings and solidarity of mankind without distinction of race, caste, creed or nationality; and second, intellectual integrity and scientific spirit according to which all beliefs, however firmly held, are liable to modification or rejection in the light of further knowledge and experience.

(b)         Humanism holds that a man's religion should not be settled for him by the accident of his birth, or through a process of conditioning during the early years of his life, but he should be left free to make his choice after attaining maturity. The system by which a child inherits the religion of his parents, whatever its merits might have been in the past, is no longer appropriate to present conditions, as it is one of the major factors which hamper the growth of mankind into a single world-wide society and the consideration of moral and social problems in a scientific spirit.

(c)         Though Humanism is not identified with any views about the factual question of life after death, it does not accept the goal of salvation. It is content to fix its attention on this life and this world. It is concerned with the preservation and furtherance of moral values in all relations and spheres of life, and with the building up of a better and happier human community. Proviso: Though Humanism is vitally concerned with the ethical aspects of political and economic as of all other human activities, the Union shall take no part in any partisan political activity. The discussions at the meetings of the Union, and in any journal or other literature which may be published by the Union, shall not be of such a nature as to preclude the participation of any class of persons who are not supposed to take part in political activities.

(d)         Humanism is not committed to any views about the existence or non-existence of God, but it is inconsistent with Humanism to regard any person (without implying any lack of respect for him) as an incarnation or prophet of God, or an infallible guide; or to accept any book (without any desire to deny its value, whether intrinsic or historical) as a divine revelation or infallible guide.

(e)         Humanism regards the basis of morality to be a sense of values which is inherent in human nature, and holds that morality requires no external sanction.

(f)         Humanism seeks the development of individuals as persons and sees this as inseparable from their free and responsible participation in social relations. It aims at the development of these relations for the fullest possible human fellowship, self-understanding and release of creative human energies.

(g)         Humanism is not committed to any views regarding the nature of what is known as mystical, religious or spiritual experience. But whatever the value of such experience as a method of self-culture, or of discovering a new dimension of human potentiality, Humanism does not regard the attainment of such experience as the supreme goal of life.

(h)         Humanism does not imply the acceptance of any metaphysical system or approach. It stands for practical ideals which may be shared by persons holding different metaphysical positions, and also by those who are not interested in metaphysical questions at all.

(i)         Holding that no institution or movement, whether old or new, can rightly claim to be the uniquely destined instrument adequate to produce a greater humanity, Humanism believes not only in the toleration of one another's beliefs between individuals and groups having different views but also in their active co-operation in the advancement of ideals which are common ground between them.

(2) Social service.


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